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    Founded in 2012, Aquatic Leather has set out with the goal of introducing an entirely new, eco-friendly textile to the world. We are currently the largest-capacity creator of fish skin leather in the world, offering over 300 species of salt- water fish in a multitude of finishes and colors. We are also proud to say we are 100% Made in the U.S.A. Aquatic Leather textiles are created with the lowest possible impact to our planet, while maintaining the highest quality our customers expect. By only using open water farm raised fish, originally grown and harvested for the food industry, we guarantee that our product has nearly zero impact on the world’s oceans, as well as an extremely positive impact on our precious lands. Most landfills in the United States, especially along the coast line, maintain 40% of their capacity with fish waste. Thanks to our reincarnation efforts, we intend to decrease the amount of fish waste destroying our planet, by removing the waste all together. For this reason, we adhere to strict guidelines for creating our skins, which includes a seasonal timetable for the availability of certain species. Our product is a one-of-a-kind textile that is a naturally water resistant, chemical- free, and allergen-free, allowing the skins to stand up to the natural wears and tears of life. The quality and durability of our fish leather textile matches up to that of Corinthian cowhide, and will outperform cowhide in its sustainability and durability, while imparting its natural unique beauty to any project you may have in mind.
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    A.L.-Nano Coating This is the next evolutionary step for Aquatic Leather’s textile protection against stains, spills, and water damage. Once applied to the fish leather textile, it provides a Nano shield from anything it comes into contact with, protecting your investment and prolonging the life of any products you produce. A.L.-Nano Coating repels liquids, resists stains and odors, and protects against fading from damaging UV rays. Best of all, A.L.-Nano Coating is chemical free. The coating is a water-based formula with Nano particles, so you can safely use it indoors as well as out, without the concern of harmful chemical side effects to you or your products. A.L.-Nano Coating Benefits · Water based – NO chemicals, completely odorless · Repels liquids and harmful UV rays · Stain and odor resistant · Hypoallergenic · Non-destructive to fabric · Color safe · No effect on material feel · Protects against fading · Reduces number of necessary cleanings · Reduces amount of chemical pollutants · Increased life of the fabric · Lasts up to 5 years with light use
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    There are countless innovative and unique applications for this textile in the fashion industry. This is just a glimpse of the versatility and potential of our product.
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    This textile can also be used for products such as purses, wallets, and belts. Cobia, Reef Shark, Tuna, and Mahi-Mahi are just a few of the stunning species we use for our reincarnations.
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    From pillows and throws to headboards and lampshades, our textile can be used in limitless ways, to make a multitude of products for the home, office, and hospitality industry. Aquatic Leather can provide exceptional opulence to all of your commercial needs.
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    Our textile can be used in furniture applications, and works beautifully as the inlay of acrylic tile, perfect for a backsplash or a flooring accent. Aquatic Leather is where luxury meets durability.
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    Fish skin leather is excellent to use as upholstery and accent pieces in vehicles and boats. Its versatility extends from trim, to seat and headliner material, to use in captains chairs and detailing. The possibilities are endless!

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